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Recruitment Optimization

Looking to step up your hiring game?

It's all about talent acquisition!

Talent Acquisition

More candidates, faster hiring and top quality hires – wouldn’t it be great to attract top talent the way some companies seem to do? Building on the most effective and transparent talent acquisition methods, ScalingUp Talent enables rapid and sustained growth.

The goal is to build lasting solutions, while transferring knowledge and skills. This way the companies we’ve worked with, will continue to grow and become self sustaining.


To know what areas need to be worked on, actionable data is key. Some applicant tracking software might provide you with reasonably good metrics, others will not.

ScalingUp helps you create actionable reports on every aspect of recruitment. Including integrations with other apps, ranging from HR information systems to CRMs and reporting software.

Growth Assessment

Finding scalable ways to bring in new talent can be tough. Especially when candidates haven’t lined up to join you just yet. Yet, some scale ups out there have shown exceptional hiring methods and results. We can provide you with an actionable overview of both strengths and weaknesses of your current hiring methods. Benchmarks against competitors and top performers included!

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