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ScalingUp Talent

ScalingUp Talent was founded in 2017. I had spent the last 5 years working in talent acquisition and talent management with companies ranging in size and organisational culture. ScalingUp Talent is fully committed to the success of the type of company I have come to love so much: promising startups growing into professional scale ups.

To be able to navigate the steep challenges lying ahead of them, Scale ups need to foster their agility and open mindset. What I also really enjoy working on, are the most important topics to deal with in this phase: fast, yet controlled growth, the balancing act of freedom versus responsibility. And last but not least: the changing and growing leadership role.

Enabling startups to scale up

Personally, there are very few things that motivate me as much as knowing what I do will really make a difference. My work with ScaleUps allows me to create incredible value for the teams and companies I work with. Summarized in “Enabling startups to scale up”.

Today, I help scale ups professionalize and grow by advising on talent management, coaching people and their teams and by creating solutions for talent related challenges.

I find myself lucky to work with amazing companies such as Coolblue, Rockstart and GeoPhy.

Talent. Enabling. Growth.

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